About Ashwin

Interior Designer by Passion, A Meditator by Dispassion and An Art of Living Teacher by Compassion!

As Ashwin grew up in the City of Destiny – Visakhapatnam, he always loved connecting to a network of people from all walks of life. Despite the education in Commerce and the family business in plywood, he wanted to explore the infinite field creativity. And thus he started Infinity Interiors after having certified as an Interior Designer.

Let’s give it a pause there!!

A little flashback in every story makes it more interesting 🙂

Ashwin was a Radio Jockey after he completed his education. But his family could somehow succeed in pulling him into trading. Leaving a family business for something new is very challenging, you will know it better if you are born in a Gujarati family 😉 Sitting in his dad’s office one day he was staring at his own life which was once filled with friends & colours was replaced with customers & plywood sheets. Fun was replaced with money. Laughter was replaced with negotiations in trade. And it was then his phone rang. His school friend insisted he does an Art of Living Workshop.

That is it! It was the turning point. All the colours, laughter & happiness was back in life with a lot of self-confidence, maturity & joy. He soon started his studies in Interior Designing while handling the Plywood Trade simultaneously. He soon started Infinity Interiors from the scratch without a penny. And they now do Interior & Modular projects across the country. His interests of travelling and eating varieties of vegetarian food also gets fulfilled, and he gets paid for it! Infinity Interiors is a 5000 square feet office based in Visakhapatnam.

Since he observed a transformation in his life from the Art of Living Workshop, he always wanted to become an instructor for the same and 2016 made it happen. He now teaches Stress-free Workshops and Mind & Breath Workshops in many companies, colleges, universities, prisons and rural areas (You can check more in section above)

When asked his secret behind success, he often shares his favorite quote from Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar “Don’t work for happiness, work WITH happiness”

When asked to share about him in a line, he often says he is an “Interior Designer by Passion, A Meditator by Dispassion and An Art of Living Teacher by Compassion”

Connect To Ashwin On Instagram: @_ashwinpatel