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Don’t Work For Happiness. Work WITH Happiness!

– Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Exploring The Secrets of Infinite Happiness...

Disease-free body, confusion-free mind, inhibition-free intellect and a sorrow-free soul is a birth right of every individual. In a mission to achieve this vision of global leader and humanitarian Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji, Ashwin Patel is serving as a faculty of The Art of Living foundation which has deeply influenced and brought positive transformation in more than 155 countries around the world.

As a faculty of The Art of Living, Ashwin is the coordinator for The Art of Living youth programs in the state of Andhra Pradesh. After starting his journey as a teacher in the year 2016, Ashwin is teaching programs designed for children, youth, adults, rural population, prison inmates and institutional programs which mainly comprise of tools and techniques which help an individual live a better quality of life, improve health and experience unconditional bliss and happiness with-in.

Happy Souls

Happiness Programs

The Art of Living Happiness Program is a 3-day or 6-day workshop, 2-3 hours a day, that has been designed for the general public, students and young professionals, and provides practical tools to live a more healthy, joyful, successful and fulfilling life.

Gentle yoga exercises, simple yet effective breathing techniques, and the powerful Sudarshan Kriya provide people with the means to reduce stress, improve their physical and mental health, and regain the enthusiasm that we all knew as a child. It is a dynamic program that also includes practical wisdom, thought-provoking processes and a lot of fun.

Youth Special Programs

Stress is too much to do, too little time and no energy. The Art of Living programs for youths are exclusively designed to help youths between 18-30 years enhance their abilities to live life to its fullest.

The Art of Living Programs for youths are highly engaging programs which tap certain soft-skills in youths through practical tools and techniques of breath, yoga, wisdom and fun-filled interactive  sessions.

YES!+ is youth empowerment skills workshop exclusively designed to help youths enhance and build confidence in their skill sets.

The techniques include yoga, pranayama, Sudarshan kriya (a simple yet very powerful breathing technique) team building modules, group discussions, fun and challenging activities which will bring out the hidden talents as well as calm down the mind to a more relaxed and productive state. Thereby you become the master over your mind and emotions to make clear decisions. The other attributes you get are:

  • Clarity in mind
  • Enhanced focus and confidence
  • Improved communication skills
  • Sense of belonging and unconditional happiness

The goal of this program is to become a driver of change by helping communities to shift their mindset from a ‘want state’ to becoming the ‘drivers of change’ themselves.

This is done through

  • capacity building workshops
  • awareness campaigns
  • resource-building exercises
  • Offering technical expertise to help communities become independent and empowered.

The YLTP focus on personal development and communication skills. Through stress-reducing breathing techniques, individuals find inner peace and communities to come together in a spirit of service. Participants are inspired to volunteer for rural projects. The fruits of the seeds sown in these sessions are experienced by the community as a whole.

A sound mind is that key that can open a successful, stress-less and satisfied life that we all aim to achieve. 

SELP is specifically designed and recommended module by AICTE India and which helps to develop personality, eliminate mental stress and improve the physical health of students.

This program also helps stimulate the learning capabilities of students, stress-free, lack to reach their actual capabilities and thus helping students to enhance their academic performance and develop their Soft Skills, which is required ingredient to excel in life.

Rural Programs

Along with various programs for adults and youths, Ashwin also take wide range of programs which focus on uplifting the less privilege section of society through the Art of Living programs exclusively designed for rural population.  

Nav Chetna Shivir is The Art of Living’s primary outreach program for adults above 18 years of age. This is the first step towards empowerment. It is a program which focus on helping them with stress-elimination and building their inner confidence.

Simple breathing, sound relaxation, and meditation techniques are taught to relax the individual and help them live a stress-free life.

Bal Chetna Shivir is a dynamic program for the less privileged children of society that aims to empower children and help them rise to their full potential, by way of interactive games, group discussions, creative assignments and stress elimination techniques like breathing, pranayam and meditation.

At the end of the program, children are fully equipped with tools that help them deal with situations, break their personal barriers and inspires them ready to take on the everyday challenges life with a renewed sense of confidence.


You can use a few enticing words and flaunt your capabilities that will attract future clients and encourage them to hire you right away.

The ‘Know Your Child’ workshop is for parents of children between the ages of 8-13 years.

The viewpoint of a child is very different from that of an adult. A child’s view is full of wonder, amazement and excitement, innocent mischief and simplicity. In the first few years, teachers and parents constitute the major portion of a child’s environment. Yet there is a fundamental difference between the perspectives of a child and that of an adult. 

This workshop throw light on children and teens, their behavior and the issues that affect them. Learn simple ways to understand and respond to your children, and how to keep parenting firm, fair and fun.

The ‘Know Your Teen’ workshop addresses the issues that affect teenagers between 13-18 years and how parents and teachers can handle the same.

The Know Your Teen workshop helps parents understand their teenagers better, and discover the root cause of behavior patterns. It points out teenagers’ thoughts that adults tend to overlook, which may have a deep impact on children. In short, Know Your Teen gives parents the tools they need today to skillfully nurture.

Our breath connects the body and the mind. It holds the secret to a stress-free and fulfilling life.

This is an online workshop for adults aged above 18 to experience the power of breath comfortably from home, learn authentic forms of yoga, meditation and pranayam along with Sudarshan Kriya, the most powerful breathing technique that can transform your life.

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